Rose Essential Oil Botanical Name – (Rosa damascena) Part of plant used – flowers Rose aroma is intense and enriching. It is only produced in small amounts and is very precious. This oil can alter the emotional state and support the system medicinally. The luxurious aroma is a middle to base note. Emotional Applications to […]


Pine Essential Oil Botanical Name – (Abies sibirica) Part of plant used – leaf Pine has antiseptic, clearing and exhilarating properties which have healed and physical symptoms and troubled minds for centuries. This essential oil is a middle note and its aroma is strong, and inspiring. Emotional Applications to become inspiring to become creative to […]


Petitgrain Essential Oil Botanical Name – (Citrus aurantium, amara) Part of plant used – leaf and twigs Petitgrain possesses a lovely floral tone with a bitter note and is contained in many classic perfumes. The scent is a top to middle note. This essential oil also comes from the bitter orange tree (as does neroli). […]


Peppermint Essential Oil Botanical Name – (mentha piperita) Part of plant used – leaf Peppermint possesses a powerful menthol which can clear nasal passages, relieve jet lag and nausea. This oil is clearing and comforting. It is a top note and vaporizes quickly. Emotional Applications to become alert and invigorated to move obstacles in your […]


Patchouli Essential Oil Botanical Name – (pogostemom cablin) Part of plant used – leaf Patchouli essential oil has an intense and earthy aroma which encourages and awakens harmony and romance. It can help in times of stress to make you feel more tranquil and uplifted. Emotional Applications to feel uplifted for harmony for romance to […]


Palmarosa Essential Oil Botanical Name – (Cymbopogon martinii) Part of plant used – grass Palmarosa has many healing properties and aromatically is similar to geranium oil. Emotional Applications helps find emotional strength and stability to help care for yourself to love life Physical Applications Rashes – massage in base cream Minor skin infections – massage […]


Orange Essential Oil Botanical Name – (Citrus aurantium, sinensis) Part of plant used – fruit peel Orange essential oil has a sweet, warm and sensual aroma. It creates an atmosphere of happiness while also conveying calm. Orange is a top note fragrance. Emotional Applications to feel uplifted to enable better communication Physical Applications Insomnia – […]


Neroli Essential Oil Botanical Name – (Citrus aurantium) Part of plant used – flowers Neroli oil is extracted from the flowers of the bitter orange tree, the aroma is delicate and soft. Highly sort after, neroli is quite expensive to purchase and is often premixed in a carrier oil for use. Emotional Applications to have […]


Myrrh Essential Oil Botanical Name – (Commiphora myrrha) Part of plant used – gum Myrrh is invaluable in the treatment of infections and can be applied directly to the inflamed areas. This oil has been used for thousands of years to ancient Egypt where it was used to preserve the Pharaohs. It is not particularly […]


Marjoram Essential Oil Botanical Name – (Origanum marjorana) Part of plant used – leaves Marjoram oil is a relaxant and calmer to restless people. It is not to be used by people suffering from low blood pressure. It is very powerful and should only be used at night before sleep or if you are not […]