Mandarin Essential Oil Botanical Name – (Citrus reticulata, blanco) Part of plant used – fruit peel Mandarin oil is gentle, smoothing and has strengthening properties. It aids concentration and feeling positive. The aroma is sweet and tangy and is a top to middle note. Emotional Applications concentration on goals uplifting freeing Physical Applications Temporary relief […]


Lime Essential Oil Botanical Name – (Cirus aurantifolia) Part of plant used – fruit Lime has strong citrus overtones with a characteristic reviving quality. Lime is similar to lemon in many ways and will improve the aroma of many blends. Emotional Applications aids closeness with other people to take a fresh approach helps tired minds […]

Lemon Grass

Lemon Grass Essential Oil Botanical Name – (Cymbopogon citratus) Part of plant used – herb Lemon Grass oil is a light top note with a strong tangy, sweet, citrusy aroma. Quite often used in vaporizers to create uplifting smells. This oil is usually accepted and liked by most people and can be used in public […]


Lemon Essential Oil Botanical Name – (Citrus limonum) Part of plant used – fruit rind Lemon oil is versatile and gives many blends a pleasant aroma. It is refreshing and uplifting and has a distinctive lemon smell. Lemon is a top note being fast to vaporize. Emotional Applications gives a new fresh approach to situations […]


Lavender Essential Oil Botanical Name – (Lavandula angustifolia) Part of plant used – flowers and leaves Lavender has many wonderful and health giving properties. It is a general healing oil which has an appealing elegant, floral aroma with woody undertones. This oil is a middle note. Lavender appeals to all sorts of people of different […]


Juniper Essential Oil Botanical Name – (Juniperus communis) Part of plant used – berries Juniper oil has a detoxifying affect on the body. It has a clear, spicy wood aroma often used as an aftershave. It eliminates fluids and toxic waste from the body and can be invigorating as well. Emotional Applications as a release […]


Jasmine Essential Oil Botanical Name – (Jasminum officinale) Part of plant used – flower Jasmine is a beautiful scented oil which is often used to heighten romance. It is often valuable during childbirth and after. Gives relief from bronchial coughs if massaged into the chest and back. The oil is a result of millions of […]


Grapefruit Essential Oil Botanical Name – (Citrus paradisi, macfaden) Part of plant used – fruit peel Grapefruit is high in Vitamin C and works effectively against infections. Its aroma is refreshing, uplifting and citrusy. Is often used to help with different emotional states. Emotional Applications promotes activity and health releases the past and creates excitement […]


Ginger Essential Oil Botanical Name – (Zingiber officinalis) Part of plant used – root Ginger has warming properties and is often beneficial for pain relief or circulation problems. Very common remedy in the middle ages as an exotic flavour. Ginger is an expectorant, digestive aid and is drying. Having a warm aroma, it is a […]


Geranium Essential Oil Botanical Name – (Pelargonium graveolens) Part of plant used – leaves Geranium was used one to protect one’s home from evil spirits. Today it is thought to have special healing properties for women and women’s problems. It is a rosy scented oil with a rich bouquet. Geranium is a middle note oil. […]