Black Pepper

Black Pepper Fact Sheet Botanical Name – (Piper nigrum) Part of plant used – Fruit (dried peppercorns) Black pepper was held in very high regard by the ancient Romans and also the Chinese medicine people. The aroma is distinctive and warming and the therapeutic uses are many. It is a middle note. Emotional Applications to […]


Bergamot Fact Sheet Botanical Name – (Citrus aurantium, bergamia) Part of plant used- Fruit peel Bergamot has a gentle and uplifting aroma and is great for people who are suffering from anxiety or stress or just need a jovial lift. This plant was first grown in Northern Italy. Bergamot oil is light, floral and citrusy […]


Basil Fact Sheet Botanical Name – (Scimum basilicum) Part of plant used – Leaves and flowering tops Basil is light green in colour and was traditionally used as a culinary herb in the countries of India, Asia and in the Mediterranean. Basil is a top note, has a strong herb aroma and vaporizes quickly. Emotional […]

Aromatherapy For Hair Care

Aromatherapy For Hair Care Aromatherapy is ideal for use in the hair and can improve the condition of the scalp. Use one of the following blends before you shampoo your hair. Pick the blend which best matches your hair type. Mix the essential oils into a base or carrier oil, then massage the scalp. Put […]

Aromatherapy For Skin Care

Aromatherapy For Skin Care Aromatherapy offers a natural alternative to commercial skin care products with the added benefit of being relatively inexpensive. You are able to mix and blend your own selection of essential oils to benefit your skin type perfectly. For Normal to Dry Skin Cleanse with the following blend – 10ml sweet almond […]

Understanding Aromatherapy

Understanding Aromatherapy The essential oils of plants and flowers have been used across many cultures for thousands of years to improve both physical and emotional well-being. Interest in Aromatherapy has recently been re-ignited as it has become obvious that the natural plant extracts called essential oils have the power to influence your moods and feelings, […]