Cypress Essential Oil

Botanical Name – (Cupressus sempervirens)
Part of plant used – Needles

Cypress plants are tall perennials found in Greece. The aroma is clarifying, calming and cleansing on the mind of the user. This oil can help to rid the body and mind of wastes and negativity. It is a middle to base note.

Emotional Applications

  • to reduce negativity in the mind
  • to gain security in troubled situations

Physical Applications

  • Fluid retention – bath
  • PMS – massage
  • Haemorrhoids – massage
  • Runny nose that won’t stop – vaporize
  • Excessive perspiration – massage
  • Oily skin – topical, compress
  • Bleeding gums – gargle
  • Asthma – massage, vaporizer
  • Peripheral circulation – massage using upward strokes, bath
  • Enlarged pores, broken capillaries, refines oily complexions – facial oil or steam inhalation


  • Do not take internally
  • Do not use during pregnancy