(Ledum palustre)

Ledum is often used as a tea. Small doses of Ledum are helpful for conditions that have symptom such as infection or inflammation.

Like most Homoeopathic prescriptions, Ledum was made as a remedy by recognizing the reactions of healthy individuals to undiluted doses. The changes in the individuals were recorded.

When a Homoeopath sees a patient with a set of similar symptoms to the recorded ones induced by Ledum, they then prescribe it in an extremely dilute form. In a highly diluted dosage, Ledum can eliminate the symptoms that it creates when it is at full strength.

This Homoeopathic Remedy May Aid…

  • animal bites or insect stings
  • bruises
  • deep cuts
  • gout
  • aching joints.


Ledum is available over the counter.

Professional advice is required for each particular ailment and for dosages.


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